Applying for a grant

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The grants will provide funding for community groups to run a single event or a series of events in their community to address mental health.
The events can range from community barbeques, regular fitness meet-ups, community tree planting, or a family movie night – whatever your community needs to come together and take a break.

There is currently one grant program open for drought-affected communities in Victoria.

Please email or call 1300 882 833 to discuss your eligibility.


  • Applications must be submitted at least 6 weeks before event
  • You must begin advertising your event at least 4 weeks before event
  • We will send you an Event Kit 2 weeks before event


  • You must mail feedback forms to VFF within 1 week after event
  • You must complete the online acquittal within 2 weeks after event

Any community groups, Shire Councils or VFF branches in the eligible communities are encouraged to apply for grants.

For the purpose of Look Over the Farm Gate, ‘Community Group’ is defined as a local, grassroots society, association or club engaged in charitable or other community-based activity operating under Australian law and not for the purpose of making a profit. The aim of the group is to work for the public benefit. Community Groups may include those who are incorporated, unincorporated, co-operatives or registered charities. Examples of Community Groups LOTFG is targeting are (but not limited to):

  • Rotary clubs
  • Lions clubs
  • Women’s associations
  • Men’s sheds
  • Sporting and cultural clubs
  • Neighborhood or community houses

All Community Groups must be located in Victoria, have their own ABN (Australian Business Number) and a bank account in the Community Group’s name.

Community groups that are successful in receiving a grant will be required to:

  • Enter into an agreement with Look Over the Farm Gate, to be signed by the President or formally nominated representative of the group
  • Provide a confirmed event date within 3 weeks of funding notification
  • Submit invoices within 2 weeks of the event
  • Provide an acquittal report within 2 weeks of the event
  • Demonstrate the benefit of the event to the community
  • Provide an event report and participate in evaluation of the program

Each grant application will be assessed against the following selection criteria:

  • The event will be held in an eligible community
  • The event provides an opportunity for farmers and community members to take a break and reconnect with their community
  • The event addresses and promotes positive mental health and wellbeing.
  • The purpose of the event(s) are clear and achievable
  • The proposal articulates how the event will benefit the community
  • The event is aligned with Look Over the Farm Gate’s values and goals
  • The proposed budget is realistic

Groups or activities that meet the following criteria will not be funded:

  • Normal operational costs
  • For profit organisations
  • Existing activity or programs
  • General fundraising appeal
  • Deficit funding
  • Duplication of existing services, programs or events in the target community
  • Projects that do not align with Look Over the Farm Gate’s values and goals
  • Projects outside the drought-affected communities of Victoria
  • Projects that do not benefit drought-affected farmers, families and communities

Payment up to the value of $1,500, or an amount agreed through the application, will be made by the Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) to the applicant following the approved event and upon receipt of a tax invoice. Whether the VFF reimburses the GST paid by the applicant to a supplier depends on the GST status of the applicant.

If you have an ABN but are not registered for GST

You will be reimbursed the total amount paid by you to the supplier (including the GST applied by the supplier). To claim payment, you will need to provide your ABN on an invoice to the VFF, and specify on the invoice that you are not registered for GST.

If you have an ABN and are registered for GST

You will be reimbursed the amount paid by you to the supplier, excluding the GST applied by the supplier. As you are receiving the grant in your capacity as a GST-registered business, you can recoup the GST paid by you from the Australian Taxation Office through your business activity statement (BAS). To claim payment, you will need to provide your ABN on a tax invoice to the VFF. The invoice should indicate that no GST has been applied. The VFF recommends that applicants seek independent financial advice on GST and any other tax implications.

Below is an example list of events to get community organisations thinking. However, LOTFG welcomes communities to come up with events that reflect the needs of their community! Remember, all events must have a mental health focus.

  • Virtual cuppa’ with neighbours
  • Online art classes, Online Do It Yourself classes (example wood working or cooking), Online ‘pub trivia’ event, including a discussion on mental health
  • Mental health webinars – engage with local health services to run mental health training sessions or run an online wellbeing session
  • Capturing stories of resilience – Organise some interviews/publications/podcasts/case studies of people who have great stories of resilience, for discussion and sharing with a broader community audience
  • Event streaming – Organise a time for local community members to watch a live stream gig, art show, comedy show together, and open discussion forum on mental health following. Helpful resources for online events/activities:

Read the fine print:  Read the application questions and eligibility criteria closely before writing your application.

Talk to your community:  Learn about what issues they are experiencing and the information, support, training or experiences they need to help manage the tough times.

Work in partnership:  Amplify the reach and impact of your event(s) by partnering with other local organisations or businesses. The more community groups and health services involved, the more community members can learn about where to go for help and support.

Consider your budget:  Spend time researching and planning your budget. Be clear about how you will be spending the grant money and why.

  • Ensure there is flexibility for unexpected costs.
  • If you would like hold a larger event, consider partnering with other local organisations.
  • Obtain quotes from multiple businesses and compare.
  • To receive your grant amount, it is essential you hold onto all invoices and receipts associated with the event.

Promote your event:  Make sure you plan how you are going to promote your event far and wide to maximize the positive impact of your event.

Got any questions or concerns?  We want your events to be a success, so please contact the Look Over the Farm Gate Coordinator if you have any questions or concerns. You can email call 1300 882 833.

Look Over the Farm Gate is now taking expressions of interest for organisations to deliver COVID-19 compliant activities such as workshops, seminars or programs that build greater capacity to identify social and emotional wellbeing issues and build resilience and encourage those suffering to seek support.

To register your interest, please contact:
03 9207 5524