Overview of grant application questions

/Overview of grant application questions
Overview of grant application questions2019-04-10T09:18:17+00:00

We recommend reading through the application questions and gathering all the information you need before starting your application. However, if you do get part way through your application and need to take a break, you can always save and come back to it later.

  • Name of Community Group
  • ABN
  • Town
  • Name of event or series of events
    • Event venue(s)
    • Event date(s)
    • Event start time and end time
  • How will people RSVP to your event?
  • If applicable, please provide a link to the event website or Facebook event.
  • Key Contact Details
    • First and Last Name
    • Email
    • Phone
    • Postal Address
  • Please provide an overview of your event(s)
  • How will your event(s) address mental health in your area?
  • Please provide a promotion blurb for your event (maximum 200 words).
  • Who is the event targeting?
    • Gender: Neither male nor female / Female / Male
    • Age group: Children & families / Young Adults / Adults
  • Anticipated number of participants
  • Will you be partnering with another organisation to deliver the event(s)?
    • If so, which organisation and what will their role be?
  • Amount of funding sought
    • $1,500 is the standard grant maximum, however larger grants will be considered if value can be demonstrated. Please note that alcohol may be present at Look Over the Farm Gate events, however grant funds cannot be used to cover the cost of alcohol.
  • Budget
    • You will be asked to fill out a budget that outlines how you intend to spend the grant money. Please be as specific as possible. A template is available forĀ download here.
  • Are there any other funding sources?
    • If yes, what are the other funding sources? How much additional funding is being provided?
  • Evidence of insurance sufficient to cover event activities
    • You will be asked to submit a Certificate of Currency
  • Please confirm the community group is able to supply invoices within 2 weeks of the event.